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“The SETI Institute’s work brings humanity’s relationship with our planet, our solar system and the Universe beyond into focus."

Bill Diamond, SETI President and CEO

Have you ever wondered about extra-terrestrial life? You’re not on your own if you have, the SETI Institute is a space and earth science research organisation, and part of their work is looking for forms of life within and beyond our solar system! SETI (which stands for 'search for extra-terrestrial intelligence') also support other organisations, including NASA and the National Science Foundation, in answering some of humanity’s most profound scientific questions.

In our partnership with the SETI Institute, we aim to provide you with expert insights into the fascinating world of astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology and planetary science – and the ongoing quest to find other forms of life within and beyond our solar system.

“We’re delighted with the opportunity to have our scientists and thought leaders interact with the curious-minded adventurers who explore with Swan Hellenic"

Bill Diamond

SETI President and CEO


Looking for life

Exclusive presentations about SETI’s explorations of the Earth and beyond.

A growing search

Unique demonstrations of the special SETI Institute equipment installed on board.


Have the rare chance to chat with these world-renowned scientific experts

Special speakers

2024 SETI Journeys

Antarctic Peninsula in Depth

SETI Director of Education

Pamela Harman

Ushuaia - Ushuaia

SH Diana

08/01/24 - 21/01/24

In the Wake of the HMS Beagle through the Chilean Fjords

SETI Deputy Director

Simon Steel

Ushuaia - Valparaiso

SH Diana

25/02/24 - 09/03/24

South-Atlantic Semi Circumnavigation

SETI Data Scientist

Jeff Smith

Ushuaia - Cape Town

SH Vega

04/03/24 - 25/03/24

Costa Rica & Panama Canal Discovery

SETI Science Advisory Board

Ben Clark

Puntarenas - Cartagena

SH Diana

20/04/24 - 30/04/24

Spirit of the Celts

SETI Kepler Instrument Scientist

Doug Caldwell

Portsmouth - Dublin

SH Vega

24/05/24 - 04/06/24

High Arctic of Svalbard

IAAs SETI Permanent Committee

Michael Garrett

Tromso - Tromso

SH Diana

10/07/24 - 20/07/24

From Magna Graecia to Greece

SETI Senior Research Scientist

Mark Showalter

Palermo - Piraeus

SH Diana

28/08/24 - 05/09/24

Voyage to the Northwest Passage

SETI Research Scientist

Uma Gorti

Kangerlussuaq - Kangerlussuaq

SH Vega

09/09/24 - 25/09/24

Greenland to Nova Scotia exploring the Canadian Arctic

SETI President and CEO

Bill Diamond

Kangerlussuaq - Halifax

SH Vega

25/09/24 - 10/10/24

Madagascar & its Eastern Islands

SETI Senior Research Scientist

Janice Bishop

Mombasa - Maputo

SH Diana

26/10/24 - 06/11/24